Plant a Tree, Have a Child, Write a Book

by Loic Lopez

“Plant a tree, have a child and write a book” or so goes the saying. I was only fifteen when my first girlfriend told me this little life instruction as we were walking in a park surrounded by magnificent trees.  It stayed with me to this day.

I am not entirely sure of its origin – and don’t really need to know. Its power lies in its simplicity and in that it benignly defied mortality.

It took me three years to find the right place to plant my cedar of Lebanon. What makes the location special is that it is in the park where my friend originally told me about this saying. It took me 12 years to have my first son and 16 my second. And who knows how long it will take for me to finish writing the Armoran trilogy.

Regardless, let me invite you to:

Plant a thousand and one trees, love a hundred and one children and write…
…at least one poem.